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16 September, 2019


Two months ago I post my todo list for LibreOffice 6.4 and I my work is already available via LibreOffice extensions.

BPMN Shapes are available to install see extensions.libreoffice.org/extensions/bpmn-gallery

It’s so easy to improve LibreOffice via an extension. Have fun


I update the LineStyles for LibreOffice for the 6.4 release but in addition I made an Extension for all users how like to have > 20 different predefined LineStyles.


Have fun with the new LibreOffice LineStyles AND the LineStyles from MS Word and MS Visio.


Last week was the LibreOffice Conference 2019 in Almeria, Spain. It was an awesome event, and great to see so many community members – a big thanks to everyone who took part! We already posted some photos from the first day, along with the video of the opening session. Now we have some photos from the second and third days, starting with the special bus that took us to the conference location every day…

Here’s Tomaž Vajngerl, Mike Kaganski and Heiko Tiezte talking about user interface design:

In one talk, Gabriele Ponzo discussed the role of The Document Foundation’s Membership Committee:

At lunch we enjoyed migas – it was great!

Collabora brought a virtual reality device – here’s QA engineer Xisco Fauli testing it out:

In another talk, we looked at encouraging people to contribute to LibreOffice, and the reasons why:

And then on the evening of the final day, we had a great guided tour of the Alcazaba of Almería

Coming up: there were many talks and presentations at the conference, so we’ll be uploading videos from them to our YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned to this blog for updates!

14 September, 2019

  • Up early, bid more 'byes; coach with Tor & Kendy to Malaga, worked in the airport on estimation & planning, as well as tile joining.
  • There is surely some irony embedded in the outrage at RMS' suggestion that accusation inflation exists and can be damaging. The escalating gap between what he is accused of, and what (as far as can be told) he actually wrote looks like a great example of exactly that. Argument by outrage, with a spirit of vindictive intolerance seems to be the fashionable bigotry of the day. Luckily I don't look to RMS for ethical statements on sexuality to try to live by, but try: this instead. In general, promiscuity seems ethically troubling, as well as a meagre subsitute for a healthy marriage filled with love & mutual respect. However, I'm still rather interested in RMS' views on software freedom - despite being more persuaded by Gerv's Theological Cultural Analysis of the Free Software movement.

13 September, 2019

  • Lots of conference hallway track conversations. Fine tour of the beautiful Almeria fortress & dramatized reading by our team. Tapas & bed late having bid 'bye to many friends & colleagues. Packed luggage.

12 September, 2019

  • To the conference, enjoyed some talks variously, gave one on web copy/paste - lots of good content.
  • Pleased to see a DiD survivor being believed (traumatic).
  • Hackfest in the evening.


Here’s the opening session – there’s a quick introduction in Spanish, followed by English at 00:40:

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Yesterday I gave a Bottom to top, left to right writing direction in Writer talk at the LibreOffice Conference 2019. The room was well-crowded — perhaps because it was on the first day and in the largest room. ;-)

It contains some details which are not available in previous btLr blog posts, like what natural languages use this direction, how to replace real-world clocks without breaking compatibility and more!

I expect quite some other slides from other Collaborans and the wider community will be available on Planet, don’t miss them.

You can get a snapshot / demo of Collabora Office 6.2 and try the presented feature out yourself right now: try unstable snapshot. Collabora is a major contributor to LibreOffice and all of this work will be available in TDF’s next release, too (6.4).


Community is awesome! Here’s our group photo from the first day of the LibreOffice Conference 2019 in Almeria, Spain:

11 September, 2019

  • Opening keynotes, lunch; an ecosystem talk, caught up with lots of old friends, colleagues & community members. Let people play with the Oculus Quest, need to get ALVR setup to show off Monado's goodness.
  • Rain in Almeria in the afternoon / evening - got to a fine beach party and had a good time back late, sleep.


Yes, the main part of the LibreOffice Conference 2019 is underway, in Almeria, Spain. We’ll have a full write-up (including presentation videos) on this blog – but in the meantime, a quick look-back at the first day…

10 September, 2019

  • Breakfast, bus to a piece of beautiful coastline nearby with our partners & the Collabora team. Walked and admired the wind / sea erosion, views, a fort.
  • Back to the beach for snorkelling, before heading back for a fine lunch & partner event with the team. In-person team meeting afterwards - more questions in person.
  • Event, drinks & so on until late in the evening, worked on slides with Kendy until very late, enjoying intermittent fire(?)-alarms.


The LibreOffice Conference 2019 begins! Before the main talks start tomorrow, we’re having a community meeting to talk about translating LibreOffice and spreading the word. If you’re near Almeria, Spain, come and join us

09 September, 2019

  • Breakfast, Board meeting all day with dinner in the evening, started badly & got better.

08 September, 2019

  • Played at AllSaints in the morning; off to the train, met Simon on our packed BA flight. Got a few slides sorted out. Arrived, met friends & team-mates.

07 September, 2019

  • Slugged, played Moss a little, enjoyed time with the family - bit of work; mended the lawn-mower (apparently nothing wrong with it), and re-ground the blades. Worked with J. a bit. Movie with the littlies in the evening.

06 September, 2019

  • Copy/paste slide work; partner bits, calls.

05 September, 2019

  • Mail; fixed some unit tests and build errors of Online across a brace of legacy platforms. Interview, built slides for conference, up late tweaking a briefing.


General Activities

  1. On August 8, LibreOffice 6.3.0 was announced
  2. On August 14, LibreOffice 6.2.6 was released
  3. On August 19, the GSOC coding period ended and the 6 students working on LibreOffice succeed with their projects.
  4. Gabor Kelemen Add checkbox to enable/disable sending crash reports to TDF
  5. Kohei Yoshida upgraded his orcus library allowing many XML import/export bugs to be closed
  6. Miklos Vajna (Collabora) keeps working on improving btLr text direction in Writer
  7. Miklos Vajna (Collabora) fixed some flickering issues
  8. Balazs Varga (NISZ Team) keeps fixing OOXML Chart issues
  9. Tünde Tóth (NISZ Team) keeps fixing hyperlink interoperability issues
  10. Tamás Zolnai (Collabora) fixed some ActiveX form control issues
  11. Grzegorz Araminowicz (Collabora) keeps improving SmartArt support
  12. Vasily Melenchuk (CIB) fixed some potential crashes while using undo/redo with styles
  13. Christian Lohmaier added support for Android NDK 19 and above
  14. Scott Clarke added support for flagging comments as resolved

Reported Bugs

592 bugs, 61 of which are enhancements, have been reported by 390 people.

Top 10 Reporters

  1. Xisco Faulí ( 15 )
  2. Nicolas Christener ( 14 )
  3. Telesto ( 11 )
  4. Roman Kuznetsov ( 10 )
  5. Robert Großkopf ( 9 )
  6. Mike Kaganski ( 9 )
  7. Aron Budea ( 8 )
  8. Gabor Kelemen ( 8 )
  9. Adalbert Hanßen ( 7 )
  10. BottleOnTheGround ( 7 )

Triaged Bugs

657 bugs have been triaged by 88 people.

Top 10 Triagers

  1. Xisco Faulí ( 119 )
  2. Buovjaga ( 94 )
  3. Heiko Tietze ( 48 )
  4. Oliver Brinzing ( 45 )
  5. Dieter Praas ( 39 )
  6. raal ( 28 )
  7. Julien Nabet ( 22 )
  8. V Stuart Foote ( 21 )
  9. Aron Budea ( 20 )
  10. Alex Thurgood ( 20 )

Resolution of resolved bugs

590 bugs have been set to RESOLVED.

Check the following sections for more information about bugs resolved as FIXED, WORKSFORME and DUPLICATE.

Fixed Bugs

212 bugs have been fixed by 41 people.

Top 10 Fixers

  1. Caolán McNamara ( 24 )
  2. Balazs Varga ( 9 )
  3. Miklos Vajna ( 9 )
  4. Noel Grandin ( 9 )
  5. Samuel Mehrbrodt ( 8 )
  6. László Németh ( 8 )
  7. Eike Rathke ( 8 )
  8. Olivier Hallot ( 8 )
  9. Mike Kaganski ( 8 )
  10. Heiko Tietze ( 6 )

List of critical bugs fixed

  1. tdf#123583 Processing loop for SfxEnumItem ( Thanks to Jan-Marek Glogowski )
  2. tdf#126418 Crash in: ScColumn::MergeBlockFrame(SvxBoxItem *,SvxBoxInfoItem *,ScLineFlags &,long,long,bool,short) ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )

List of crashes fixed

  1. tdf#125340 CRASH: closing LibreOffice while migration dialog is open ( GTK3 ) ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  2. tdf#126168 Crash in: rtl_uString_acquire: frame style undo redo ( Thanks to Vasily Melenchuk )
  3. tdf#126418 Crash in: ScColumn::MergeBlockFrame(SvxBoxItem *,SvxBoxInfoItem *,ScLineFlags &,long,long,bool,short) ( Thanks to Mike Kaganski )
  4. tdf#126588 EDITING: Firebird: View could be executed, but crashes when trying to save ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )
  5. tdf#126626 CRASH: pasting fly at-char selection ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  6. tdf#126627 CRASH: undoing redlinehide deletion ( Thanks to Michael Stahl )
  7. tdf#126661 Organize basic macro: crash with gtk3 backend when opened from start center ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  8. tdf#126685 CRASH: selecting all in sheet ( Thanks to Noel Grandin )
  9. tdf#126686 CRASH: selecting all in cutting ( Thanks to Balazs Varga )
  10. tdf#126732 FILEOPEN: Writer crashes on opening Docx file ( Thanks to Caolán McNamara )
  11. tdf#126748 Intermittent crash exporting a ODS to




The idea of this GSoC project was to implement new Domain-Specific language for LibreOffice to be used in UI testing by logging the user interactions with LO applications then generate the python code needed for the python UI framework which asaswill make testing easier. Also, the project aims to improve the logger that logs all the user interaction to be logged in the new DSL syntax to be more readable. Then we can use this replaying all the user interactions as a UI test.


  • Grammar of new DSL done for

    • Rewrite all the logging messages with the new syntax.

      Some of these events was already supported to be logged while working by the old logger so for this part I change all the logging message by writing message that can be read with the new compiler and has enough data to be converted to UItest.
    • The log Compiler [ dsl_core.py ] 

      This python file is the implementation of the compiler this compiler is defined in the class : ul_compiler . It works by making an object from this class and it start read the log file that is already created and each line represent a type from commands. While reading these lines this class start calling the handler of each line depending on it's type and the handler is just a function that take information from line and start to convert it to python line that do the same action but can be run with the python UI framework.
    • log More Events

      after finishing the implementation of all of these I worked on adding support foe unsupported events from different applications. for any new event I add the grammar then the handler then added the part in the code that log this event.
      for example the new supported events are: 
      • Writer
        • Create Table
        • Copy Text
        • Cut Text
        • Paste Text
        • Insert Break Page
      • Calc
        • select sheet 
        • Delete Cells
        • Remove Content of a cell
        • Insert new Cells
        • Cut Cells 
        • Copy Cells
        • Paste Cells
        • Merge Cells
        • Unmerge Cells
      •  Impress
        • Insert New Slide
        •  Delete Slide
        • Duplicate Slide
        •  Rename Slide
      • Draw
        • Type
        • Insert New Page
        • Delete Page
        • Rename Page

    for more details you can see this post in the same blog: ui logger



      Understanding High Performance via Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book "Before we can create high-performance code, we must understand what high performance is. The objective (not always attained) in creating high-performance software is to make the software able to carry out its appointed tasks so rapidly that it responds instantaneously, as far as the user is concerned. In other

      04 September, 2019

      • Mail chew; PM bits, calls.
      • Pleased to see the great work from Nextcloud on the COOL plugin for Nextcloud published with Global Scale support via federation. Also a number of really nice performance and other wins such as Watermarking support from Julius & team.
      • Up late planning & building documentation.

      03 September, 2019

      • E. to upper school for the 1st time, very cute in her new uniform. Everyone else out to meet up with S&ampC, leaving me to type. Interview.
      • Good to see Pedro & Cor do a refresh on the LibreOffice Infographic for this year, looks pretty.
      • Chewed at meetings, customer call, sync with Dell, Ash, Philippe, Kendy. Worked late.


      New version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird is ready for download. The main focus of this release is performance.

      02 September, 2019

      • Up early, J. into school for training, back into the work routine. Chewed mail, more admin, meetings.

      01 September, 2019

      • H. N. and I played at All Saints in the morning. Back for lunch. Met up with a wedding / magic person who needs some teen-marketing assistance. Quested with the family - Moss is just great; bed.

      31 August, 2019

      • Relaxed somewhat, Quested; some work E-mail triage. David over for the afternoon, out to Bury to for a walk followed by Toy Story 4, rather good. Back for dinner, slugged bed.

      30 August, 2019

      • Admin, calls, some travel preparation. Lovely to see Muhammet's hard work on Auto Redaction available in a Collabora Office patch update.

      25 August, 2019


      On August 14, 2019 The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 6.2.6, the sixth minor release of the LibreOffice 6.2 family, targeted at users in production environments. All users of LibreOffice 6.1.x and LibreOffice 6.2.x versions should upgrade immediately for enhanced security, as the software includes both security fixes and some months of back-ported fixes. See their blog post.

      (LibreOffice 6.2 and 6.3 are concurrent releases. LibreOffice 6.3 represents the bleeding edge in term of features for open source office suites, and is targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters and power users. V6.2 is for users in production environments.)

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