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06 November, 2018


Berlín, 6 de noviembre de 2018.— The Document Foundation se complace en anunciar que el Municipio de Tirana, el más grande de Albania, está en proceso de cambiar al software de código libre y a los estándares abiertos a través …

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05 November, 2018


3 novembre 2018 - Associazione LibreItalia annuncia la quinta Conferenza Italiana LibreItalia, che si terrà sabato 1 dicembre 2018 presso il Best Western Hotel Nazionale, in Corso G. Matteotti n°3 a Sanremo (IM), con inizio alle ore 9:00 e conclusione alle 17:00, per consentire un'ampia partecipazione della comunità italiana LibreOffice.

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-11-05 Monday

21:00 UTC

  • Mail chew; drove into Cambridge to swap hardware around & see Dorée home for a late lunch. Mail chew. Physics lesson for H. and Katie in the evening kindly provided by David.


I recently dived into the SmartArt support of LibreOffice, which is the component responsible for displaying complex diagrams from PPTX, especially in case only document model and the layout constraints are given, not a pre-rendered result.

First, thanks to our partner SUSE for working with Collabora to make this possible.

The problem

There are several ones. :-) If you are just interested in high quality viewing of PPTX files, then your problem started with PowerPoint 2007 not writing a pre-rendered drawingML markup of the diagram to the files, only PowerPoint 2010 started behaving like this. Additionally, if a diagram is not edited, then re-saving with PowerPoint 2010 doesn’t seem to generate the drawingML markup, either. This means that data + constraints cases are quite frequent even today.

Also, one day Impress should be able to actually edit these SmartArts as well, so having the knowledge how to lay out SmartArt (even if it’s import-time-only at the moment) is a good thing.

Results so far

I always write cppunit tests when I work on filter code (in this case OOXML), so far all fixes were visible in just two test files: smartart-vertial-box-list.pptx and vertical-bracket-list.pptx.

Here is how the baseline, the current and the reference rendering of these test documents look like:

smartart-vertial-box-list.pptx, baseline

smartart-vertial-box-list.pptx, current

smartart-vertial-box-list.pptx, reference

vertical-bracket-list.pptx, baseline

vertical-bracket-list.pptx, current

vertical-bracket-list.pptx, reference

In terms of code commits, the fixes are split into several ones:

Clearly the results are not perfect yet, but in both cases nothing was visible, and now all text is readable, so we’re moving in the right direction!

All this is available in master (towards LibreOffice 6.2), so you can grab a daily build and try it out right now. :-)


Berlin, November 5, 2018 – The Document Foundation announces the release of LibreOffice 6.0.7 and LibreOffice 6.1.3, which improve the quality and stability of previous releases, and integrate a security patch.

All LibreOffice users are therefore strongly recommended to update to the new versions:

  • Power users, early adopters and technology enthusiasts should update from LibreOffice 6.1.2 to LibreOffice 6.1.3, which represents the bleeding edge in term of features for open source office suites;
  • All other individual users and organizations of any size should update from any previous version of LibreOffice to LibreOffice 6.0.7, which is more mature and as such targeted at production environments and enterprise-class deployments.

Organizations should source LibreOffice 6.0.7 from one of the companies providing a Long Term Supported version of the suite, for additional value-added services which make the software better suited to enterprise deployments, thanks to professional support (the companies are all members of TDF’s Advisory Board, and are listed here: https://www.documentfoundation.org/governance/advisory-board/). When it is sourced from The Document Foundation, LibreOffice is supported by volunteers.

Also, value-added services for migrations and trainings, to support enterprise-class deployments in large organizations, should be sourced from certified professionals (a list is available here: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/professional-support/).

LibreOffice is deployed by large organizations in every continent. A list of some large or significant migrations announced in the media is available on the TDF wiki: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/LibreOffice_Migrations.

LibreOffice 6.0.7 bug and regression fixes are described here: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/6.0.7/RC1 (fixed in RC1), https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/6.0.7/RC2 (fixed in RC2) and https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/6.0.7/RC3 (fixed in RC3), while LibreOffice 6.1.3 bug and regression fixes are described here: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/6.1.3/RC1 (fixed in RC1) and https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/6.1.3/RC2 (fixed in RC2).

Download LibreOffice

LibreOffice 6.0.7 and LibreOffice 6.1.3 are immediately available from the following link: https://www.libreoffice.org/download/. Builds of the LibreOffice Online source code can be downloaded as Docker images: https://hub.docker.com/r/libreoffice/online/.

LibreOffice Online is fundamentally a server service, and should be installed and configured by adding cloud storage and an SSL certificate. It might be considered an enabling technology for the cloud services offered by ISPs or the private cloud of enterprises and large organizations.

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support The Document Foundation with a donation at https://www.libreoffice.org/donate. Donations help TDF to maintain its infrastructure, share knowledge, and fund the presence of volunteers at events, where they can meet with other free software advocates.

LibreOffice 6.0.7 and LibreOffice 6.1.3 are built with document conversion libraries developed and maintained by the Document Liberation Project (DLP): https://www.documentliberation.org. Several of


The icon theme Karasa Jaga has been introduced in release 6.1. It was originally created for Sundara OS and is heavily inspired (and derived) from the discontinued Oxygen icon. The icon designer Rizal Muttaqin seeks now for your input how to continue his work:

The question is:

(Firefox users: please disable content blocking)

Here are examples of how it looks:

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04 November, 2018


Hey everybody,

long time I didn’t reported any progress, simply because I hadn’t that much spare time to work on this any topic. So basically the Munich Hackatron last weekend was exactly the “weekend blocker” I needed to get back into this topic. At that weekend I finally was able to import most edits from the old Turkish “eskiwiki” (OpenOffice.org.tr)-wiki. I’m still cleaning up the imported edits and I still do even find missing pages as you can see at the Special:Log page. With all the amount of spam in ESKIWIKI it is really not that easy to find pages with real content. I should have found every page, but as you can see in the ImportLog that I found another few pages this weekend.

Now my focus is at the image cleanup and preparing all pages to move over to TDFwiki. Sadly all this work is very time consuming so it lasts very long.

I do have a special request to the Turkish speaking community members:

Can you “merge” the content of the old OOo Writer page and the newer one. The other component pages do have the same problem. A list of the old OOo pages are linked in this old revision. Otherwise the links on the old OOo pages are unlinked and very hard to find.

Fun fact: After 9½ years I fixed a bug and embed the correct image at the page “SIKLIK”, see this revision. The problem was that both images were first uploaded and then a simple copy and past error followed when creating the page. I found this fact as I simply uploaded all images from the eskiwiki and now checking all unused images and wanted images (and either try to fix it, or delete them again for not uploaded the old stuff to TDFwiki later). Sadly a few images are borked (1x1px) and aren’t even archived at archive.org – so even borked ages ago.

Let’s see how much spare time I find in the next weeks to finish the rest.

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-11-04 Sunday

21:00 UTC

  • Played at family service; M. reading, H. piano & organ, N. games & violin. Lots of people for shared lunch - fun. Back with Mary for some more slugging, organ practice, sheet cutting & sewing machine dis-assembly with J. relaxed variously. Stories, bed.

03 November, 2018

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-11-03 Saturday

21:00 UTC

  • Cooked breakfast, H. out singing, played Paper.io with the babes. Put up fixings in M's room, nice. Caulked plasterwork - still not dry, and considered the kitchen mess.

02 November, 2018

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-11-02 Friday

21:00 UTC

  • Fixed some gtk / webkit goodness Tor has produced to use our Online view inside a gtk+ frame - for easy debugging, testing. Might be a good route for a more attractive minimal viewer & editor on the Linux Desktop one day. Watched LOTR-ness in the evening with the babes.

[en] = CIB News: CIB sponsor of SFScon

15:46 UTC


SFScon (the South Tyrol Free Software Conference) is one of the most important Free Software conferences in Europe, and CIB is proud to sponsor this edition. This annual conference is a full day established appointment for public administrations, citizens and private companies. During the shared session in the morning the anouncement and celebration of the … CIB sponsor of SFScon weiterlesen


¡Sí, es esa época del año otra vez! Como probablemente sabes, LibreOffice está hecho por cientos de personas en todo el mundo. Tenemos una comunidad muy ocupada trabajando en código fuente, documentación, traducciones, soporte al usuario, marketing y muchos otros …

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LibreOffice 由世界各地數百人所建立。基金會想要在這整個十一月對您的參與說一聲感謝!現在是參與我們友善社群的最佳時機,並在許多方面協助我們,從翻譯與文件到使用者支援與行銷。

所以這是如何運作的?簡單來說,如果您在這個月貢獻 LibreOffice,就可以得到如下的貼紙包:

在未來的四週內,基金會將會不斷追蹤專案的貢獻,並在您協助基金會時將您的名字新增到 wiki 頁面上。該頁面每天都會更新,每個列在上面的人都可以取得一張貼紙,就如同上面的影片中顯示的那樣!下面是您可以參與的方式。


您有許多協助 LIbreOffice 社群的方式,而這些都可以獲得貼紙:
  • 回答使用者的問題:在 Ask LibreOffice 上有很多使用者在尋求關於套裝軟體的協助。團隊將會隨時注意該網站,這樣您在上面給予某人有用的建議時,您就會得到一份閃亮亮的貼紙。
  • 協助確認臭蟲:到團隊的 Bugzilla 頁面,並搜尋新臭蟲。若您可以重現,加入一個像是「CONFIRMED on Windows 10 and LibreOffice 6.1.2」的評論。(請確保您使用的是最新版本的 LibreOffice!)
  • 話語廣傳:在 Twitter 上告訴大家有關於 LibreOffice 的事情!像是您為什麼愛它,或是您正使用它做什麼,並加入 #libreoffice hashtag,然後團隊就會授予您一枚徽章在月底送您一份貼紙。(基金會在這個部份只提供 100 份貼紙,所以動作要快,因為大家都開始發推文了!)
  • 翻譯使用者介面:LibreOffice 提供非常多種語言,但使用者介面翻譯仍須有人維持最新。或許您可能會想要把整個套裝軟體翻譯成團隊尚未收錄的語言?在此參與
  • 貢獻程式碼:程式碼庫極其巨大,但仍有許多可以參與的小工作。參見團隊在網頁上的開發者頁面在 wiki 上的來入門。一旦您遞交了一份補丁,只要它被合併,團隊就會送您您一份貼紙!
  • 撰寫文件:另一個得到徽章的途徑是協助 LibreOffice 文件團隊。不論您是想要更新線上說明或是在手冊中加入新章節,這裡可以入門

參與讓 LibreOffice 變得更好,也希望您能享受貼紙!祝您好運,團隊將會在接下來的四週在基金會的部落格與 Twitter 帳號定期更新進度。

新聞來源:Starting today: the Month of LibreOffice, November 2018!


On 19th October 2018, at Welle7 Workspace in Bern, Switzerland, we attended DINAcon – the conference on digital sustainability. Our General Manager, Michael Meeks, had a talk about “How best to migrate to LibreOffice”, where he explained the best ways to move to a supported Open Source and Open Standards solution. Also, he talked about Collabora’s latest work with our partners, and our new tool to migrate existing legacy Visual Basic line of business apps.

If you missed his talk then check out the slides above for the complete presentation:

Download the slides from the presentation “How best to migrate to LibreOffice”!

DINAcon Awards!

Great news from Bern – we won the open source classic award at DINAcon! 🙂

For this award were running a lot of amazing open source products, including Collabora Online and Collabora Office. We are honored to receive this award – it is a big motivation for the whole team! Thanks a lot everyone for your support.


The conference ended with the hacknight and of course that we couldn’t miss it. It was the perfect time to work on LibreOffice bugs. 🙂

Digital Economy Award

Another nomination! Collabora Office & Collabora Online are nominated for the Digital Economy Award 2018 and our partners, Adfinis SyGroup, presented about our products in front of the jury of the Swiss Digital Economy Award. (Thank you, Nicolas. 🙂 )

The winners will be announced at the Digital Economy Award Night, on November 21, in the Hallenstadion in Zurich. Until then, fingers crossed. 🙂

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01 November, 2018

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-11-01 Thursday

21:00 UTC

  • Mail, sync with Olivier, got my Android development environment into some sort of state; lots of downloading. Bought an iPad to test with an expensive hobby. Caught the last part of the ESC call. Dinner. Back to install more Java/Android-ness.


This year the LibreOffice Conference was held in Tirana, Albania from September 25 to September 28, 2018. As a tradition, all our team was there and gave several talks.

Sept. 25th: Tuesday – Team building day

The special Collabora team-building event happened just before the LibreOffice Conference, on Tuesday, September 25, 2018! In the sunny city of Tirana, we played an exciting Stand-up paddling game, learned more about the history of Albania by visiting the National Museum and then we had a relaxing lunch in a traditional restaurant in Tirana.

Sept. 26th: Wednesday – First day

The first day of the LibreOffice conference started! Marina Latini and Italo Vignoli welcomed us at this edition of LibOCon, three days full of interesting presentations. Also, we had the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who gave a warm welcome to everyone at the city of Tirana. He shared the progress done by the Municipality of Tirana by implementing open source software.

We are thrilled to be the largest code-committer this year (with 5302 code commits), alongside Red Hat and the community!

Collabora was again this year a proud sponsor of the conference and Michael had a presentation regarding the involvement Collabora has with LibreOffice! 🙂

From Collabora Productivity team Luboš had a talk about “Reducing Build Time“, Tor about “Improving LibreOffice as a MSO replacement for Automation and VB Clients“, Tomaž about “Image Handling Rework“, Jan about “New features in the Online since the last conference“, Ashod about “PDFium for better PDF rendering and editing“, Luboš about “Improving Calc parallel calculations“, Mike about “Central Configuration Management for LibreOffice in Windows networks” and the last one was by Tamas about “Database migration in LibreOffice“.

Of course that even this year we couldn’t miss out on handing some really nice swag for the participants! 🙂

In the evening it was the time for the community dinner that took place at Brauhaus. A very lovely evening that we spent enjoying the delicious food under the company of the friendly LibreOffice community. At the end of the dinner, we had a surprise for everyone – we celebrated our 5th anniversary!

Sept. 27th: Thursday – Second day

The second day of the conference started very early and with a lot of energy. On the second day, we had talks from Michael about “Meet the Engineering Steering Committee”, Ashod about “Shrink and Load

31 October, 2018

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-10-31 Wednesday

21:00 UTC

  • Up early; briefly strengthened ceiling joist mostly suspended by plasterboard. Dean arrived to fix leak & plaster things up.
  • Mail chew, more C'bra mgmt hangout goodness; interview. Out to Band practice, then the pub with two Chris' and Max.


The LO hackfest 2018 in Munich has been a great opportunity for improving LibreOffice and to strengthen the community. The overall motto of these events that are organized around the globe by the community is always „knowledge sharing and having fun“! More than 30 attendees took part during the three days of activities by hacking … Summary: LibreOffice Hackfest 2018 in Munich weiterlesen

30 October, 2018

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-10-30 Tuesday

21:00 UTC

  • Up, interested in the water dripping through the roof: an exciting new experience - thank goodness it wasn't plastered first, placed a lunch-box underneath.
  • Listened to the IBM/RedHat webcast - hybridize your clouds, RedHat is a great company, perhaps IBM's sales teams will do great things for their existing products. I guess Microfocus' sale of SUSE for only $2.5bn looks like a bargin.
  • Mail, tech mgmt call, picked up E. from school; mgmt call. Up late, fixing kitchen lights, packing the extension loft void with fibreglass: a giant blanket of thick goodness; hopefully it helps somewhat.

[en] = Andreas Kainz: Tabbed Toolbar

16:07 UTC


Tabbed toolbar’s get an update on all modules. Focus was to harmonize the tabbs within one app and within the different apps.


We get also some bugs fixed so from my point of view, Tabbed Toolbar is ready for you. test it and give feedback.

Writer Tabbed toolbar is ready for daily use.

Calc Tabbed toolbar is nice and should help you at your daily work. Print preview bug is fixed. Open bug is in chart module (BUG 11^7690).

Impress Tabbed toolbare is ready for testers.

Draw Tabbed toolbar is not 100 % finished but should be more usefull than the default now so test and stay turned.

Download LibreOffice Master

Missing bugs Chart modul BUG 117690 and Keyboard navigation BUG 107316

29 October, 2018

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-10-29 Monday

21:00 UTC

  • Dean arrived to fit a new Velux window on the kitchen - fun. Spent a while squeezing myself into a very, very small cavity along with lots of fibre-glass to try to make the extension somewhat warmer.
  • Couple of calls, lots of mail, C'bra mgmt meeting bits.

28 October, 2018

[en] Michael Meeks: 2018-10-28 Sunday

21:00 UTC

  • Band in the morning, Max, Angie & Noah over for lunch, out to a fine concert at All Saints, part of Beethoven's 5th piano concerto curiously instrumented for piano & organ. H. played the organ too. Wine, cheese, fund-raising for naitbabies. Great talk from Cedric on the research they're doing to address it.

25 October, 2018


After significant amount of time spent writing and fixing LibreOffice Help pages (XHP), I came to conclusion that the LibreOffice Help XML (XHP) is a powerful markup but a bit too hard to master for newcomers and easy to have errors and mistakes slipped in files. Some of its complexity are not absolutely required so I wrote a wiki page suggesting the implementation of XHP extensions, aiming to make life simpler for adding and reading XHP contents textually (markup).

Please note that in any case the current markup is affected, so it will preserve the legacy contents as well as the current translations. For example, the new markup for 'tip' paragraph should be

<tip id="123456" localize="true" xml-lang="en-US"></tip>

So it can replace

<paragraph id="123456" localize="true" role="tip" xml-lang="en-US"></paragraph>

Yes, it is a trivial change but I hope it will make reading easier for all.

Handling of the XHP extensions will be in the XSLT transformation and it will be patched accordingly, as well as the DTD, wiki documentation on XHP, and string extractors for Pootle.

The wiki page is


And comments are welcome, do's and dont's, thumbs up or thumbs down.

Happy help writing.

下個月,從11月1日開始,基金會會開始新一輪的 LibreOffice 之月。但這代表了什麼?嗯,這是您為您的電腦、自行車、球桌或是其他任何您擁有的東西取得超酷的貼紙的好機會!


基金會將會在11月1日貼出更多詳細資訊,包含可以參與的方式以及如何讓 LibreOffice 變得更好。敬請關注……

新聞來源:Coming up: The Month of LibreOffice, November 2018

24 October, 2018

[en] = CIB News: CIB in Barcelona

16:12 UTC


In der vergangenen Woche nahm CIB, vertreten durch Marco Girona, an dem Event Digital Cities, Digital Freedoms: Common Digital Ethical Standards and Free Software for Cities teil. Die gelungene Veranstaltung diente der Diskussion über die Auswirkungen neuer Technologien auf den urbanen Lebensraum und die damit verbundene Notwendigkeit von Standards und freier Software für die Einwohner. Organisiert … CIB in Barcelona weiterlesen


The LibreOffice Quality Assurance ( QA ) Team is happy to announce LibreOffice 6.2 Alpha1 is ready for testing!

LibreOffice 6.2 will be released as final at the beginning of February, 2019, being LibreOffice 6.2 Alpha1 the first pre-release since the development of version 6.2 started in mid May, 2018. See the release plan. Since then, 5886 commits have been submitted to the code repository and more than 780 bugs have been set to FIXED in Bugzilla. Check the release notes to find the new features included in this version of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice 6.2 Alpha1 can be downloaded from here, and it’s available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Besides, it can be installed along with your actual installation.

In case you find any problem in this pre-release, please report it in Bugzilla ( You just need a legit email account in order to create a new account ) so it can get fixed before LibreOffice 6.2 final is released.

For help, you can contact us directly in our IRC channel.

Thank you all for making Libreoffice rock!

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23 October, 2018


On October 19, we hosted the first Fedora Women’s Day in Munich at modulE. The event aims to increase awareness of the importance of having communities that will wellcome every potential contributor, even if inexperienced or new to the topic. The event was co-organized with the support of the local Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team  speakers … A summary: Fedora Women’s Day weiterlesen


Einer der Grundpfeiler von Freier Software ist die Weitergabe von Wissen. Daher freue ich mich sehr, dass ich im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung “Freie Software und Freies Wissen als Beruf” am 13. November an der HTW Dresden einen Vortrag über The Document Foundation halten darf.

Die Vorlesungsreihe ist laut Wiki offen für Studierende der TU Dresden, der HTW und der Bürgeruniversität und bietet vielfältigen Einblick in die Welt von Freier und Open Source Software, mit vielen vertretenen Projekten.

Der Vortrag findet statt am Dienstag, den 13. November um 17:00, die offiziellen Informationen, Anmeldung und weitere Details für die Studenten gibt’s direkt im Wiki der HTW Dresden.

Die Vortragsfolien gibt’s anschließend hier im Blog unter freier Lizenz, geplant ist seitens der HTW Dresden zudem, die Vorträge als Video zum Download zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Ich freu mich drauf!

Ringvorlesung “Freie Software und Freies Wissen als Beruf”


Diese Woche, am Donnerstag, den 25. Oktober 2018 um 18 Uhr, findet die nächste deutschsprachige LibreOffice Community-Telefonkonferenz statt.

Die Agenda und Einwahldetails findet ihr wie gewohnt im Pad des Projekts – Vorschläge für die Tagesordnung sind wie immer herzlich willkommen! :-)

Hintergründe zu den Telefonkonferenzen habe ich in einem separaten Blogposting zusammengefasst.

LibreOffice Community-Telefonkonferenz Oktober 2018


There are some app developers how like colors. In LibreOffice the user is not restricted in his imagination. Firefox Personas Themes are back with LibreOffice 6.2 thanks to Muhammet Kara .

In addition that Firefox Personas work again, the design team add 6 new default themes to give our users an idea what’s possible.


Have fun

If you’d like my work become a Patreondownloads_wordmark_white_on_coral2x.jpg

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