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01 July, 2022


Flamerobin Snapshot released with a few Firebird 4 fixes , here is the changelog Implement Int128 by @andy-123 in #230Implement firebird 4 types: decimal(16) and decimal(34) by @andy-123 in #244Some fixes by @Jdochoa in #254Some Fixes by @Jdochoa in #255FB Library Search by @Jdochoa in #261Full Changelog:


Today we’re talking to রিং/ring (S R Joardar) from Bangladesh, who’s helping to spread the word about Free Software (as in freedom) – including LibreOffice – in his country…

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a GNU/Linux user, lover, translator and supporter since 2000, and a sysadmin since 2003 using Red Hat 5.0, later Fedora and RHEL. I am using Ubuntu in personal computers since December 2006. Canonical sent me a zero-priced gift pack of 10 CDs with Ubuntu 6.10 back then. I have started deployment of Ubuntu servers with Ubuntu 8.04 manual installations in 2009, and just provisioned a few instances with 22.04 on Linode and Digital Ocean. In the years 2009-2017, I personally made over 6,000 new desktop or laptop installations with Ubuntu and LinuxMint.

I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 2011, I along with 21 more Free software enthusiasts formed an organization titled “FOSS Bangladesh (Foundation for Open Source Solutions Bangladesh)” and started with official tour to the Universities here in Bangladesh. Up to December 2019, FOSS Bangladesh had organized 75 events in various universities and colleges and schools to spread out the digital freedom knowledge among the pupils, the future leaders. I have invited Mr. Richard M. Stallman came in Dhaka, Bangladesh at Daffodil International University for a session in 2014 and he agreed to my request and visited. I am also a Mozillian (Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Fan, User and Supporter and end user support volunteer). At present I am working as the General Secretary of FOSS Bangladesh.

I am an IT Freelancer, working on PPH and Freelancer. I love to cook food and play cricket besides my computing and voluntary support to spread Free Software knowledge. 🙂

How well is FOSS, LibreOffice, GNU/Linux etc. known and used in Bangladesh? What are the obstacles to adoption?

In 2011, FOSS Bangladesh ran an online survey to gather approximate user data about GNU/Linux users, with the help of various online local language forums sites here in Bangladesh. Back then, it was around 9,000 people. As per my statistical knowledge nowadays, the pupils I had served with installations and had met by 2017 became professionals, and GNU/Linux users is now more than 100 times of that 15,000 count.

The obstacles to adoption of GNU/Linux and LibreOffice in here in Bangladesh is the lack of law bindings regarding software piracy. So far, can obtain a pirated copy of Windows 10 with Microsoft Office, and many more and get used to that closed, bind and blinded ecosystem. So when it comes to the professional workplace, most people got bound into that closed software ecosystem. They do not think that they are stealing – and on the piracy index globally, they make Bangladesh ashamed. Government offices here also go alike with the closed software ecosystem.

But the scenario is changing day to day. Those who once got the chance to get out of that closed system embracing the GNU

30 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-30 Thursday

18:49 UTC

  • Catch up with Miklos, partner call, COOL community call bits, call with Philippe & an old friend.
  • Today Collabora's app-store experiment with LibreOffice Vanilla was ended. In time we will write up and publish the data more widely, make final donations to TDF and as/when sensible finish up some Mac work in due course. Many thanks to all those who worked hard over the years to get LibreOffice into many app-stores - you rock. Of course - you can still get Collabora Office for your Mac, and help to support FOSS development that way.

29 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-29 Wednesday

21:00 UTC

  • Slide work with Eloy much of the morning.
  • Really pleased to see so much work from the team, and the wider community released as Collabora Online 22.05 - a first cut of our next round of development work around the next-generation Collabora Online - quicker, slicker, better, prettier and more.
  • Partner Council - really good to catch up with and get feedback from our partners - companies making awesome things happen in the world of FLOSS.
  • Community & partner call later. Sync with Miklos.
  • Band practice early with H. in the evening, Beckie's birthday.


Here’s our summary of updates, events and activities in the LibreOffice project in the last four weeks – click the links to learn more…

  • We’re still maintaining the LibreOffice 7.3 branch, of course, and on June 9 we released LibreOffice 7.3.4 with over 80 bugfixes and compatibility improvements.

  • Meanwhile, রিং/ring (S R Joardar) from the Bangladeshi LibreOffice community told us about his efforts to spread the word about Free Software in his country. The community has set up a Bangladeshi Telegram channel to coordinate activities. Thanks to everyone involved!

  • And finally, The Document Foundation is supporting a student through the Deutschlandstipendium initiative. We caught up with Julian Hübenthal to find out what he’s doing, and what he knows about FOSS already…

Keep in touch – follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Mastodon. Like what we do? Support our community with a donation – or join us and help to make LibreOffice even better!

28 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-28 Tuesday

21:00 UTC

  • Mail, team testing session; marketing review, Partner Council slide review late in the evening.

27 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-27 Monday

21:00 UTC

  • Mail chew, new-look, quicker planning call; missed Gokay. Patch review, dentist appointment & then TDF board call - the Dentist was fun - a new chap.

26 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-26 Sunday

21:00 UTC

  • All Saints, played with the band. Home for a pizza lunch. Read to the babes a bit, Chris, Leanna & Annabelle over to see us for a bit and borrow some tools. Enjoyed the sun together.

25 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-25 Saturday

21:00 UTC

  • Up lateish; pottered around - strimmed some things with birthday present. David over for lunch, relaxed for a bit, sawed bits off door corners so they opened more fully & safely & painted them up.

24 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-24 Friday

21:00 UTC

  • Mail chew, tried to catch up ineffectively with the backlog. Went to see M. at her Prom - looking lovely, and smiley in a pretty yellow dress from Amelia. Natchos for diner, hunted for H. at a choice of railway stations. Collected M. from a sleep-over via McDonalds, bed too late.


In 2019, the German LibreOffice community unfortunately lost one of its most active members, Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn. In his memory, The Document Foundation decided to support a student through the Deutschlandstipendium initiative.

Let’s get to know him…

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I come from near Lüneburg. I graduated from the Wilhelm-Raabe-Schule Gymnasium in Lüneburg last year.

I have quite a wide range of interests, which certainly contributed to my Abitur [qualification at the end of secondary education] average of 1.0 and did not make my decision to study any easier. However, my main focus is certainly in the mathematical/scientific/technical subjects.

I like to ride my road bike and go cycling in general, and I like to travel, gladly combining both interests together.

What are you currently studying, and how is it going?

I am currently studying computer science in my second semester. The course is interesting and I like the challenge. However, I have found out that the course is not quite right for me. Therefore, I would like to change to business informatics for the coming winter semester, for which I am currently already taking the appropriate modules. I am impressed by what I have already learned in a comparatively short time during my studies. Apart from that, I have been able to maintain my Abitur during my studies.

Are you familiar with free and open source software?

I have already used free and open source software, for example the Linux distribution Ubuntu as part of my studies, or Eclipse even before my studies. However, I have not yet participated in such a project myself.

Apart from the questions, I would also like to thank you again for the support and recognition of my achievements.

You’re welcome, Julian! We wish you every success in your studies.

23 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-23 Thursday

21:00 UTC

  • Up early, breakfast, took babes to school; worked around the breakfast table happily. Took Eloy, Miklos & Andras to Stansted.
  • Mail chew; caught up with family.

22 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-22 Wednesday

21:00 UTC

  • Up early; took babes to school; into Cambridge. More meeting action, catch-up with Caolan over lunch. Lots more working through of topics, round-up. Back to Newmarket for a dinner at Unico, slugged in the evening together variously.


Firebird Project is happy to announce general availability of Firebird 3.0.10 — the latest point release in the Firebird 3.0 series.This sub-release offers a few important bugfixes, please refer to the Release Notes for the full list of changes.Binary kits for Windows, Linux and Android platforms are immediately available for download, packages for Mac OS will follow shortly.

21 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-21 Tuesday

21:00 UTC

  • Into Cambridge to the office for meetings for much of the day - lovely to have an in-person meet again. Chewed over the strategic issues together, lunch & back to work.
  • Out for a wander through Cambridge, punting, fine steak dinner (met Tashie), drove home via the office. Up late.

20 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-20 Monday

21:00 UTC

  • Mail chew, catch-up with admin & slide prep. M. home - getting to the end of exams. Out shopping with Eloy to stock up for the team's arrival.
  • Caught up with Eloy in the garden, BBQ, picked up Miklos & Andras together from Stansted. Kendy arrived late.

19 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-19 Sunday

21:00 UTC

  • Up early, into town, breakfast in the castle court, enjoyed choir practice and some quiet prayer in the Cathedral. Off to see H. before heading to Kings Church Durham having a baptism service in the student union for one of H's friends. Lovely service.
  • Lugged more baggage to the car, lunch at Hatfield, met with Elize. Bid a fond 'bye to H. drove to my parents. Lovely tea, cake, presents, swinging seat construction, too short: drove home.
  • Met up with the babes & Eloy.

18 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-18 Saturday

21:00 UTC

  • Into Durham, via Tesco for breakfast: amazed to see a Deliveroo chap (presumably) delivering Tesco cafe breakfasts. Got some picnic food. Off to see H.
  • Had a very lovely time catching up with Mark Miller at the Whitechurch pub; a ~twenty year gap gives a lot to catch up on.
  • On to Wharton Park to meet up with Chris & Joy, S&E. enjoyed some fine views, good company, a birthday picnic. Wandered back to H's room, did some work with her before heading to Newcastle for a lovely dinner & catch-up with them. An encouraging branch of the wider family.

17 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-17 Friday

21:00 UTC

  • Caught up with R&A&boys in the morning, got R' setup to work. Quick packing and set off to Ilkley with J. for a birthday/20th' anniversary trip: fun. Caught up with Auntie Nicky, on to Durham. Met up with H. lovely to see her - out for some Thai food.
  • To the hotel, enjoyed the nearby pool / spa.

16 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-16 Thursday

21:00 UTC

  • Catch up with Miklos, COOL community call, plugged away at bug-fixing a particularly nasty delta related race around versioning tiles, cancellation and more - finally nailed it. Catch up with Andras, caught the end of the ESC.
  • Rob & Amelia arrived with the boys after dinner. Caught up with them happily.


Ekipa jamstva kakovosti LibreOffice (QA Team) ponosno objavlja, da je za preizkušanje na voljo izdaja beta1 LibreOffice 7.4!

LibreOffice 7.4 bo izšel sredi avgusta 2022 (podrobnosti preverite v načrtu izdaj - v angl. jeziku), pri čemer je LibreOffice 7.4 Beta1 druga predizdaja od začetka razvoja izdaje 7.4 novembra 2021. Od prejšnje izdaje (LibreOffice 7.4 alfa1) je zabeleženih 920 objav spremembe kode v skladišču kode ter odpravljenih 220 napak. Preverite poslovenjene opombe ob izdaji, kjer najdete vse podrobnosti o novostih, vključenih v to različico LibreOffice.

LibreOffice 7.4 beta1 lahko prenesete s tega mesta za sisteme Linux, macOS in Windows, namestite pa jih lahko vzporedno s standardno izdajo.

Če naletite na kakršno koli težavi s to predizdajo, o težavah poročajte v sistemu Bugzilla (potrebujete le veljaven e-poštni račun, da ustvarite nov račun).

Za pomoč se lahko obrnete neposredno na ekipo QA v kanalu QA na IRC ali prek Telegrama.

LibreOffice je projekt skupnosti prostovoljcev, izjemno veseli bomo vaše pomoči.

Veselo preizkušanje!

Download it now!

15 June, 2022

[en] Michael Meeks: 2022-06-15 Wednesday

21:00 UTC

  • Sales call with Eloy, helped David S move some giant perlings for his attic conversion with some friends. Finished the sales call. Catch-up with Frank & Gokay.
  • Worked on some delta cache management pieces - cutting down the number of FIXMEs that are left and scaling the delta cache with the user count in a document.


The LibreOffice Quality Assurance ( QA ) Team is happy to announce LibreOffice 7.4 Beta1 is available for testing!

LibreOffice 7.4 will be released as final in mid August, 2022 ( Check the Release Plan for more information ) being LibreOffice 7.4 Beta1 the second pre-release since the development of version 7.4 started at the end of November, 2021. Since the previous release, LibreOffice 7.4 Alpha1, 920 commits have been submitted to the code repository and 220 issues got fixed. Check the release notes to find the new features included in this version of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice 7.4 Beta1 can be downloaded from here for Linux, macOS and Windows, and it can be installed alongside the standard version.

In case you find any problem in this pre-release, please report it in Bugzilla ( You just need a legit email account in order to create a new account ).

For help, you can contact the QA Team directly in the QA IRC channel or via Telegram.

LibreOffice is a volunteer-driven community project and your help is much appreciated.

Happy testing!!

Download it now!

09 June, 2022


Berlin, June 9, 2022 – LibreOffice 7.3.4 Community, the fourth minor release of the LibreOffice 7.3 family, targeted at technology enthusiasts and power users, is available for download from https://www.libreoffice.org/download/.

The LibreOffice 7.3 family offers the highest level of compatibility in the office suite market segment, starting with native support for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) – beating proprietary formats in the areas of security and robustness – to superior support for DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files.

Microsoft files are still based on the proprietary format deprecated by ISO in 2008, which is artificially complex, and not on the ISO approved standard. This lack of respect for the ISO standard format may create issues to LibreOffice, and is a huge obstacle for transparent interoperability.

LibreOffice for enterprise deployments

For enterprise-class deployments, TDF strongly recommends the LibreOffice Enterprise family of applications from ecosystem partners, with long-term support options, professional assistance, custom features and Service Level Agreements: https://www.libreoffice.org/download/libreoffice-in-business/.

LibreOffice Community and the LibreOffice Enterprise family of products are based on the LibreOffice Technology platform, the result of years of development efforts with the objective of providing a state of the art office suite not only for the desktop but also for mobile and the cloud.

Products based on LibreOffice Technology are available for major desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS), mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and the cloud. They may have a different name, according to each company brand strategy, but they share the same LibreOffice unique advantages, robustness and flexibility.

Availability of LibreOffice 7.3.4 Community

LibreOffice 7.3.4 Community is the best office suite for personal productivity. With the LibreOffice 7.2 family approaching the end of life, all users are invited to upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

LibreOffice 7.3.4 change log pages are available on TDF’s wiki: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/7.3.4/RC1 (changed in RC1) and https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/7.3.4/RC2 (changed in RC2). Over 80 bugs and regressions have been solved.

LibreOffice Technology based products for Android and iOS are listed here: https://www.libreoffice.org/download/android-and-ios/, while for App Stores and ChromeOS are listed here: https://www.libreoffice.org/download/libreoffice-from-microsoft-and-mac-app-stores/

LibreOffice individual users are assisted by a global community of volunteers: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/community-support/. On the website and the wiki there are guides, manuals, tutorials and HowTos. Donations help the project to make all of these resources available.

LibreOffice users are invited to join the community at https://ask.libreoffice.org, where they can get and provide user-to-user support. People willing to contribute their time and professional skills to the project can visit the dedicated website at https://whatcanidoforlibreoffice.org

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can provide financial support to The Document Foundation with a donation via PayPal, credit card or other tools at https://www.libreoffice.org/donate

LibreOffice 7


General Activities

  1. LibreOffice 7.2.7 was released on May, 12
  2. LibreOffice 7.3.3 was released on May, 5
  3. Adolfo Jayme Barrientos made some minor improvements to Help text readability
  4. Seth Chaiklin improved the help for vertical positioning of objects, Print preview, Options tab for Frame/Object/Image, Outline bar for Impress and anchoring. He also improved many LibreOffice UI strings and tips of the day
  5. Ilmari Lauhakangas (TDF) added right-to-left support to Help
  6. Alain Romedenne improved the correctness of Basic help pages and documented the new Resize() and Center() methods for ScriptForge’s SF_Dialog
  7. flywire cleaned up ScriptForge examples in Help
  8. Rafael Lima documented the new CompactLeft and CompactUp methods from the Calc service in ScriptForge
  9. Olivier Hallot (TDF) improved the help pages for Basic’s Shell function, CSV import filter, Direct SQL and colour palettes
  10. Miklos Vajna (Collabora) continued working on colour themes in OOXML documents and content controls for Writer
  11. Jean-Pierre Ledure worked on the ScriptForge library
  12. Tünde Tóth (NISZ) fixed a bug that made Autorecovery option always save every 10 minutes regardless of the minute setting
  13. Dennis Francis and Szymon Kłos (Collabora) worked on LOKit improvements
  14. Vasily Melenchuk (CIB) fixed an issue with numbering styles in imported DOCX files and fixed some regressions
  15. Eike Rathke (Red Hat) fixed issues with Calc’s AGGREGATE and COUNTIFS functions, counting times with SUM, made array formulas more robust and made some Calc optimisations. Together with Mike Kaganski he fixed an issue where copying and pasting a sheet with a chart resulted in incorrect chart data ranges
  16. Bartosz Kosiorek added support for several EMF+ graphics features
  17. Tomaž Vajngerl (Collabora) worked on chart code refactoring and polished the Calc sparkline feature
  18. Regina Henschel fixed issues with curved arrow shapes and arcs
  19. Julien Nabet changed TIFF image handling to be done with libtiff library together with Caolán McNamara
  20. Jim Raykowski made many polishing fixes to Navigator, including to display of hyperlinks and media objects
  21. Andreas Heinisch made it so LibreOffice (non-native) file dialog shows directory path upon hover in the Places list, fixed Basic bugs with case-sensitivity and VBA parsing and made page style handling more robust
  22. László Németh continued improving change tracking, fixed bugs related to Writer footnotes and an issue with saving recovery information for password-protected XLSX files. He also added options for skipping hyphenation with short words and the last word in a paragraph
  23. Xisco Faulí (TDF) fixed many issues with exporting PDF form elements, created a script to help manage crash reports and fixed some crashes. He also added a couple of dozen automated tests
  24. Heiko Tietze (TDF) improved the UI for Calc’s sparkline feature, made list indent and level shortcuts consistent and made some other UI improvements
  25. Armin Le Grand (allotropia) worked on Advanced Diagram support
  26. Michael Stahl (allotropia) polished the curl-based webdav implementation, made it so JVM UNO components can be run out-of-process and made crash fixes, regression fixes and cleanups
  27. Attila Bakos (NISZ) continued polishing text in

08 June, 2022


At the start of May, we revved up a new Month of LibreOffice, celebrating community contributions all across the project. We do these every six months – so how many people got sticker packs this time? Check it out…

Awesome work, everyone! Hundreds of people, all across the globe, have helped out in our projects and communities. We’re hugely thankful for your contributions – and, of course, everyone who’s listed on the wiki page can get a sticker pack, with these stickers and more:

How to claim

If you see your name (or username) on this page, get in touch! Email mike.saunders@documentfoundation.org with your name (or username) from the wiki page so that we can check, along with your postal address, and we’ll send you a bunch of stickers for your PC, laptop and other kit.

(Note: your address will only be used to post the stickers, and will be deleted immediately afterwards.) If you contributed to the project in November but you’re not on the wiki page, please let us know what you did, so that we can add you!

There is one more thing…

And we have an extra bonus: 10 contributors have also been selected at random to get an extra piece of merchandise – a LibreOffice hoodie, T-shirt, rucksack or snazzy glass mug. Here are the winners – we’ll get in touch personally with the details:

  • Andrew Watson
  • Yotam Benshalom
  • Yuvarani
  • Ulrich Gemkow
  • klaatu1
  • Christophe JAILLET
  • gregors15
  • Riyadh Talal
  • qsu
  • Siddhant Chaudhary

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thanks once again to everyone who took part! Your contributions keep the LibreOffice project strong. We plan to have another Month of LibreOffice next May, but everyone is welcome to see what they can do for LibreOffice at any time!

03 June, 2022



LibreOffice Base no es un sistema gestor de bases de datos (SGBD) al uso. La mayoría de los SGBD solamente tienen un tipo de base de datos y funcionan solo con un motor de base de datos determinado. LibreOffice …


Here’s our summary of updates, events and activities in the LibreOffice project in the last four weeks – click the links to learn more…

  • We kicked off May with the Month of LibreOffice. This is an event that we run twice a year, awarding sticker packs (and the chance to win more merchandise) to everyone who contributes to LibreOffice. We posted an update later in May – and we’ll soon post the final results on this blog!

  • During the month, we released two updates to the suite: LibreOffice 7.3.3 on May 5, and 7.2.7 on May 12. (The latter is the last release in the LibreOffice 7.2 series. Also, LibreOffice is now available to download on SourceForge.

  • Then we had updates about the LibreOffice Conference 2022, which will take place in Mikan, northern Italy from September 28 – October 1. We announced the Call for Papers, followed by the sponsorship package. We look forward to seeing you there – in-person, or online!
  • Our Indonesian community reported on recent activities, including an online session to broaden students’ knowledge of LibreOffice and FOSS (free and open source software) in general.

  • We’re glad that more in-person events are becoming possible again, and LibreOffice community members were present at the Univention Summit 2022 in Bremen, northern Germany.

  • In May, LibreOffice won two awards: SourceForge’s Open Source Project of the Month, and Software Informer’s Editor’s Pick.

Keep in touch – follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Mastodon. Like what we do? Support our community with a donation – or join us and help to make LibreOffice even better!

01 June, 2022


In order to make it easier for users to find training videos about LibreOffice, we have created a comprehensive index updated to the end of April 2022 using the open source Zotero bibliography and reference management software.

The index is published on this blog in the Media Hub section (clicking on the Media Hub menu, you will open a drop down menu with Press Releases and Index of Videos).

At the moment, indexed videos are only in English (although there are also videos in other languages, which have still to be indexed), and have been grouped by topic: LibreOffice, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Draw, LibreOffice Base, LibreOffice Math, LibreOffice Interviews and LibreOffice Talks.

The next task is to create an index of documents relevant for The Document Foundation and LibreOffice, covering topics such as open source software, open standards, change management, sustainability, interoperability, digital citizenship, migrations, openness, digital sovereignty and document formats, to mention only the most important. The objective is to provide educational materials to all LibreOffice stakeholders, as a background for training and presentations, or as a simple but comprehensive source of information.


Writer already had rich text and checkbox content controls: a new way to set properties on a piece of text, primarily for form filling purposes. This feature now gained 3 additional types: dropdown, picture and date picker types. This improves compatibility with the DOCX format: there are now 5 inline content control types we can now import.

Figure 1. Word-style inline content controls in Writer.

First, thanks to NGI DAPSI who made this work by Collabora possible.

Figure 2. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871498


Word users expect to be able to import their document to Writer and experience a matching feature set: form filling is not an exception. Word provides several content control kinds (inline, block, row and cell content controls), this project focuses on inline ("run") content controls.

In the scope of inline content controls, the above linked blog post already described the rich text and checkbox types. In this post, we’ll focus on the new dropdown, picture and date content controls.

You might wonder why content controls are useful, since Writer already has form controls and fieldmarks, which provide something similar. Here are some benefits:

  • Dropdown content controls have a list of dropdown items. Each item is a display-text and value pair, allowing to differentiate between a human-readable string and a machine-readable value. Fieldmarks only handled (machine-readable) values, resulting in document text different from Word.

  • Picture content controls allow the author of a form to pre-format the image before the filler of the form inserts the actual image. Writer already had placeholder fields for images in the past, but that was just text, allowing image format only after insertion of the actual image.

  • Date content controls were emulated with Writer fieldmarks in the past, which created trouble during export, since Word itself doesn’t have a date form-field.


The feature consists of menu items to insert dropdown/picture/date content controls, and then you can interact with the inserted content controls or with their properties:

Figure 3. Menu items to insert drop-down, picture and date content controls.

Drop-down content controls show a dropdown button when you’re inside the content control:

Figure 4. A drop-down content control.

This is similar to dropdown fields, just allows display-text and value pairs, not limited to just values.

Picture content controls contain a single as-character image, but you can interact with them: clicking on the content control opens the file open dialog to provide a replacement for the placeholder:

Figure 5. Picture controls.

And these content controls can be saved to ODT and DOCX.

There is also a content control properties dialog, which allows setting if the content controls are in placeholder mode or not:

Figure 6. Content control properties.

It has additional widgets for dropdowns. There is UI to create, update or delete these list items:

Figure 7. Content control properties inner UI for list items.

How is this implemented?

If you

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